How To Run The Same App On Split Screens On Android Nougat?

Up until a year ago, split-screen multitasking used to be a feature that was available only on a selected few devices from manufacturers namely Samsung and LG. Now, Google has introduced this much-awaited feature on the latest version of Android Nougat, allowing users to use multiple apps at the same time on split screens. Android

Forex books that can help

There is a complete collection of Forex books available in the market. To get the best book at your disposal, you need to research a bit and collect ample information about the author. Forex books range from classical, old and updated ones. Being a Forex trader, you need to have the latest Forex backtesting and

Best SEO tools for web analysis in 2018

The ones, who want to improve the ranking of their websites, need some free SEO tools to work wonders for them in 2018. With SEO tools at your disposal, you can give a competitive edge to your business and competitors without speaking a word. SEO techniques act as a development radical and can resolve your

Top 10 Latest Laptops of 2017

Since the introduction of computers in the second half of the last century it gradually moved towards miniaturization. Portability is another important point of moving towards laptops. Since the introduction of the first laptops in the 80s, technology has improved almost at a break-neck speed.  For instance, as far as processors are concerned according to

Tutuapp Not Working & Tutu Helper Can’t Download Error Fixed

Tutuapp Not Working & Tutu Helper Can’t Download Error Fixed : A few of the  Developers from China worked through and developed an app named “TutuApp which is now known as “Tutu Helper.” Tutu Helper is the English version of the Chinese app,  TutuApp. The principle feature of the TutuApp is that it provides the users

Call Routing Programs for Affiliates

Affiliates are very important, albeit often neglected, partners of any online or digital business especially those who are just starting in their respective competitive niches. In many cases, especially those businesses that are relatively small, budget is a major constraint. That is why many look to affiliates to help them generate the leads which their

Reasons Why Digital Marketing Analytics Are So Important To Your Business

In this information-driven era, data is real game changers. Marketers of both small to big businesses have been using “Big Data”. And why do they not? Data is becoming an essential for all marketers, specifically inbound marketers, and the insights offered are profound, important, and readily accessible to those who know the right places to

Possible Redmi Note 5 Images Leaked

Alleged Live Image of Xiaomi Redmi Note 5


What to look for when choosing domain hosting

Follow these simple steps, and you should have a good overview of how to choose and create a blog domain .com. Before anything else, think about what is going to be right for you. This is determined by a variety of factors, such as: The kind of website you are building How much traffic you