Best Ethical and Advanced SEO Techniques to Follow in 2018

Taking your business online is important today. The online business must be grab the attention of the targeted audience. For this you can employ SEO techniques and strategies. These techniques and strategies help to improve the optimization of your website. You can use these to increase the ranking of your website in the search result

The Scary Prospects of The Android Virus “Ghostctrl”

A new Android virus that goes by the name GhostCtrl is on the loose, and Android users are warned to watch out for this malware as it can secretly record your messages, chats, and files.What is more frightening is that this malicious software, which has the ability to disguise itself as some of the most

Tips To Fix Android Oreo Battery Drain Problem

(Source) If you are one among the early adopters of Android Oreo, then you might have heard or faced an issue of severe battery drain on your mobile device. Any way you look at it, battery drain is bad for you and your device. There are various reports of users, facing a battery drain issue Review

Are you on the lookout for superb and high-quality designs of vinyl banners for the school student club, or some other conversation? Well, then I have just the perfect thing for you. In the review that I have for the products and the banners of Want to find out more about the company. Then

iOS vs Android: Difference And Comparison

When you think of buying a new phone, the chances are that your mind falls on either an Android phone or an Apple phone. We get it that many of you are hardcore fans of either Android or iOS and no matter what. But then again, a large portion of the population has an open

What You Need to Know About Systemless Root in Android

People love Android devices mainly because of the versatility and a wide range of customization options they provide. But, did you know that rooting your device can give you the opportunity to accomplish so much more with your smartphone? Yes, it’s true! Rooting is one of the effective ways to extract the true potential of

How To Run The Same App On Split Screens On Android Nougat?

Up until a year ago, split-screen multitasking used to be a feature that was available only on a selected few devices from manufacturers namely Samsung and LG. Now, Google has introduced this much-awaited feature on the latest version of Android Nougat, allowing users to use multiple apps at the same time on split screens. Android

Forex books that can help

There is a complete collection of Forex books available in the market. To get the best book at your disposal, you need to research a bit and collect ample information about the author. Forex books range from classical, old and updated ones. Being a Forex trader, you need to have the latest Forex backtesting and

Best SEO tools for web analysis in 2018

The ones, who want to improve the ranking of their websites, need some free SEO tools to work wonders for them in 2018. With SEO tools at your disposal, you can give a competitive edge to your business and competitors without speaking a word. SEO techniques act as a development radical and can resolve your

Top 10 Latest Laptops of 2017

Since the introduction of computers in the second half of the last century it gradually moved towards miniaturization. Portability is another important point of moving towards laptops. Since the introduction of the first laptops in the 80s, technology has improved almost at a break-neck speed.  For instance, as far as processors are concerned according to