Upcoming Androids That Will Surely Make the Difference

Upcoming Androids That Will Surely Make the Difference

Android Smartphone’s are the show stealers in the present era. These are tremendously popular among all the age groups irrespective of caste, creed or sex. According to the latest reports, by 2013 the Smartphone sales are expected 30% more than the sales in 2012. The android smartphones not only replace computers to a great extent but also cater to the needs of the increasing population efficiently. However, with the advent of the New Year, various companies are launching their android smartphones to claim their share in the competition oriented technology market.

Some of the upcoming android smartphones are as follows:

Sony Experia E Dual

Upcoming Androids That Will Surely Make the Difference

There is a big speculation regarding the release of this phone. It is a highly affordable android 4.1 enabled Smartphone with a 3.5 inch capacitive display. Powered by 1 GHz processor along with a 512MB RAM, this Smartphone has a 3.15MP camera and a 4GB internal memory. Along with this a 1530mAh battery with a 6 hour talk time adds to its grandeur. This Smartphone is however a dual SIM phone and a successor of Sony Experia E. It also has various other features such as geo tagging, 2G and 3G network support on both the Sims, an expandable memory slot.

HTC Deluxe

This phone is considered to be the successor of the HTC droid with a 5inch super LCD3 capacitive screen and 4.1 jelly bean OS as well as a 1.5GHz processor. Along with this, this phone has an 8MP primary camera and a 2.1 MP secondary camera with a 2020mAh battery. The demeanor of the phone is the 2G and the 3G quad bands with LTE networks available throughout numerous places. Not only this, the phone provides multiple options for sharing data such as 4.0 connectivity Bluetooth , micro USB 2.0 capability as well as NFC compatibility.

Samsung Galaxy Premier I9260

This is another Smartphone introduced by Samsung whose launch is highly awaited. This phone is equipped with 4.65 inches touch screen and 4.1 jelly bean Operating System along with the 1.5GHz dual core processor. Besides this, this Smartphone is equipped with 8MP primary camera and a 2MP secondary camera and a micro SD slot with a 32GB expandable memory. The 2100MAH battery capable of providing a 12hour talk time with 3G enabled adds to its sheen. However the 4.0 Bluetooth, 2.0 USB and NFC cater to the connectivity requirements of the use3r.

LG Optimus G

It is yet another awaited Smartphone with a 4.7 inch LCD capacitive touch screen powered by Android 4.0 and a 1.5GHz duo core processor. Along with a 2GB RAM this phone has a 13MP primary camera and a 1.3MP secondary camera ensuring a full HD video recording. The 2100mAh battery provides a 10 hour talk time along with a 32GB internal memory. This Smartphone supports 2G, 3G and $g quad bands as well as LTE networks. The internet browsing via Wifi, 4G, 3G, EDGE and GPRS is a great feature. The music listening is a delightful experience on the phone as it supports almost all the audio formats such as WMA,WAV,PM3 etc. Geo tagging and auto focus being additional camera features this phone is anticipated a super buy.

Not only these, there are various other smartphones lined up for their release in the coming time and claim their share in the cut throat technological competition. Gadget lovers are really going to enjoy these gadgets coming up in the market very soon. If you are too a gadget lover and are planning to get a new smartphone for your own self then make sure you research well and choose the best from so many available options so as to get the best one in your hands.

Top 15 Productivity tools for bloggers

Top 15 productivity tools for bloggers

If you are blogging daily or weekly, it depends on how you serve your content to your readers. To engage with your readers you must follow well prepared management systems, use best email services, be with better blogging platforms, use social media utilities, advertisement campaign and other blogging tools. To build large audience and fan base its required for blogger to be in touch with their readers. To connect with readers there are hundreds of productivity tools for bloggers that you can use smartly.

Top 15 Productivity tools for bloggers

*Image Credit freelancefolder

Prior to today, bloggers who are using productivity tools can manage and fulfill their blogging needs. This is why because to accomplish task of writing blogs, reviewing apps, making video intros blogger must have some plan, time management or must have efficiency in writing. Productivity tools for bloggers helps to manage your blogs in either direct or indirect ways.

List of 15 Productivity Tools For Bloggers :

Here, we have managed to prepare best list of productivity tools for bloggers. This productivity tools are either online or software, simply use it to engage with readers and boost up your blogging career.

1) BlogDesk :

This one is best tool to manage more then one blog at the time. BlogDesk is free software having compatibility with WordPress, MovableType, Drupal, Expression Engine and Serendipity platforms. All you need to Integrate your blog with BlogDesk software. In fact, this software might bring faster blogging experience in your blogging journey.

2) 42Goals :

42Goals.com productivity tool for bloggersBeing the professional blogger you must have some defined goals whether its daily goals, weekly or monthly goals. 42Goals is one website which allows you to do the same. The core features of 42Goals are ability to track daily goals with visualized achievements. This tool is free to use. With its smartphone application you can access it wherever you go.

3) Memonic :

Memonic Productivity tool for bloggers

Memonic is online collaborative notebook, which helps you to keep track of your notes. Writing a blog post require to do some research and require a little note down of important topics too. In case of that Memonic is useful tool. It’s an online tool and to use it there is no installation required.

4) BoomeRang For Gmail :

Boomerang For Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail enables you to send schedule emails to your contact. With Firefox and Chrome add-ons it’s an easy task to maintain your schedule emails with boomerang for Gmail. as i am using this tool, i personally suggests you to try it out.

5) Typing Test :

Typing Test Tool For Bloggers

Typing test is online typing tool enables you to increase your typing speed. Whether you are beginner or professional in typing, give a simple test and get your typing speed results. This productivity tool help those bloggers who are slow in typing with lots of errors and mistakes. Try it and improve your typing speed to become professional blogger.

6) Last Pass :

Usually bloggers have multiple account on various websites with different usernames, email addresses and passwords. To remember one or two emails and passwords is quite easy. but what about to remember more than hundreds of usernames and passwords ? LastPass is the solution for you. You can easily organize your multiple data such as passwords, secret codes into this free and secure password remember software. However LastPass is available in both free and premium versions. So, you can try its free version before purchasing the premium one.

7) Oh Life :

By signing up at Oh Life, you can write about your daily updates. To use this service you need to signup using your email address. Then after Oh Life will sends you daily emails asking “How’d your day go? All you need to reply it and it will be stored into your Oh Life account.

8) Coolendar :

Coolendar Time management Tool

Coolendar is not only simple calendar, but also new type of planning software to organized your daily tasks in easy way. It allow you to sign in using Google account too.

9) Yugma :

Yugma provides efficient free web conferencing, online meeting and collaboration services. You make conferences with your friends and business partners using this free tool.

10) RescueTime :

RescueTime Productivity Tool

RescueTime is popular time management & productivity tracking software which helps you to measure your time in easy way. Bloggers who are serious about time management must try out this software.

11) Asana :

Asana Task Management Tool

It’s one type of task management tool and represents as best productivity tool for bloggers. Asana is One of the best productivity tool for task management for teams. It’s widely used by thousands of bloggers.

12) Evernote Clearly :

Again this is special productivity tool for bloggers who research before writing. Evernote Clearly enables you to read blog posts, articles and your important notes. It lets you to clip it and save for later use.

13) Vyew :

View is real time visual collaboration tool to enhance your blogging experience in team. Vyew is an awesome free tool for video conferencing, screen sharing and file sharing etc. It’s almost useful for team of bloggers.

14) Meetin.gs :

Meetin.gs Online Conferencing Tool

Are you planning a meeting for your groups or on behalf of your business ? Then you might try Meetin.gs tool. It’s an online face to face meeting collaboration tool.

15) EggTimer :

Eggtimer Time Management Tool

It’s an online browser based timer to set an instant reminder. It’s handy tool to set an alarm for any event or functions. Working on your project if you forget an event, the alarm will ring up when time pass away. Extraordinary feature is that as soon as alarm time ends it will switch your browser in alarm window automatically.

5 Best Android apps for Mathematical Calculation

5 Best Android apps for Mathematical Calculation

Even though we hate numbers, yet we can’t escape them. Just when you thought that you have passed your school college and now you won’t have to face numbers other numerical issues come back in your life. The mathematical apps help to exercise and improve your mathematical skills. They are designed to perform complex calculations giving human brain a rest. Make the best use of these apps and grab it benefits. The 5 best app for mathematical calculations are:

Math Ref Free

5 Best Android apps for Mathematical Calculation

It one of the most used Android math app which functions as a math reference app. It covers a lot of topics under it such as Geometry, Trigonometry, Integration, Algebra, Statistics, Derivatives, Probability. It includes formulas related to Physics. The double sized package even includes chemistry in it with formulas and equations such as Vector, Algorithm, Discrete math and balanced equations.

Math Attack

It is a simple mathematics app to improve your simple math skills by practicing various math functions such as:

  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiple part question
  • Squares
  • Open Fient Integration addition in the Math attack

You can easily choose the question type and then practice. The session is timed to check your mathematics skill.


Students are very scared of trigonometry. But now they can solve their trigonometry problems with one click of their finger and learn trigonometry with simple interactive programs. The features included in this app are:

  • Trigonometry definitions- the various law of sines
  • Law of cosines
  • Law of tangents
  • Pythagorean theory
  • Inverse function
  • Mollwide’s Formula
  • Triangle area
  • Trigonometry identities

In short, it solves all your problems related to trigonometry giving you accurate answers along with the formula and solution.

Brain Exerciser

Brain Exerciser is a great app designed to give your brains some exercise. It has 3 games which you can play to check your mathematical skills. There is number breaker where you need to destroy the digits and balloon solver where you have to solve the right answer to pop the balloon in a timed period. You can enjoy the game and even share it on Facebook and Twitter and let your friends know your score. It is a free app on the Google Play Store. It is a great app to keep your brain fresh with different mathematical activities

College Math Formulae Lite

This app is typically designed for College and high school students. It includes all the basic and important formulas of Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus which day to  day updates of new topics. The topics of algebra trigonometry and calculus are beautifully covered here which includes its basic properties, facts, functions and graphs, derivatives, integrals, laws of sine, cosines and tangents.

Android offers the best math apps which include software for kids to grocer’s calculations. The kids can learn their basic math of addition and subtraction while elders can solve their lengthy grocery calculation in seconds. Download these apps from Google Play Store today and enjoy the exercise of your brain or as a help for your math formulas.

Google Drive

Top 10 Cloud Storage Apps for Android In 2013

Nowadays an android powered devices are everywhere in the world. Either in Smartphones or tablets the fact is that thousands of Android devices are being activated daily. But many Android devices provide less storage space for personal data, documents etc. And to store more data you should either use portable storage space or try out free online cloud storage space. Using Cloud storage apps for android you can store more data using your Android device. Usually this type of cloud storage apps synchronizes your Android powered device with a cloud storage provider using simple back-end API too, to store pictures, documents, music and video files in the cloud. The major advantage of using cloud storage is that you can access your file from anywhere in the world using the Internet. After the fact, In the new year of 2013, It seems like many cloud storage providers might secure lots of android platform users.

List of 10 cloud storage apps for Android :

What you think, which sector would become popular in technology world of 2013 ? Especially the answer is Android and Tablets. Well, here we have observed one of the best cloud storage apps for android that you might try, As of now this all are offering better services to its android users, and hope they will continue offering since the end of this year.

1) Google Drive :

Google Drive

Most popular cloud storage apps in 2013 will be Google drive because of its services and availability. With the use of Google drive you can create and collaborate documents, files and presentations on the cloud. The same environment its offer for Android through its Google drive android app. In order to store your documents using android app on Google drive cloud storage, simply download android application of Google drive and configure it with your Android device and after that you are ready to experience cloud storage of Google.

2) Amazon Cloud Drive :

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon is most popular company as a shopping site. In fact, Amazon already launched Cloud drive photo storage app for Android in November 2012. This photo storage app seems faster and efficient in synchronizing photos over the cloud storage servers. However, this cloud storage for the photo app got a nicer design from Amazon.

3) Dropbox :

Dropbox Cloud Storage

As everyone know that In 2012, Dropbox was widely used cloud storage service. According to me it would be third widely used cloud storage app for android. Primarily Dropbox allows you to store your files in the cloud with public & private access. You can store any files such as documents, music files, videos and compressed zip files too.

4) iCloud :

Apple iCloud Android Apps

iCloud lets you to store and access your documents, music and video files, contacts, photos and more over the cloud storage. Being the iCloud user you are able to access your iCloud Storage data anywhere using iOS supported devices such as iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac etc. Though, it’s not available for Android users yet, but in the year of 2013 it could be released anytime.

5) SkyDrive :

SkyDrive Cloud Storage Apps for android by Windows live

With The windows Live SkyDrive free storage app, you can get real experience of cloud storage on your Android device. This app allows you to share photos and documents online and  lets you access anywhere using your PC or Smartphone.

6) Box :

Box Cloud Storage

Primarily Box users can have 5 GB of free storage to store and share their files, documents and anything across the internet. Box is the biggest cloud storage provider as a competitor of Dropbox. As this service is cross platform, you can use box on PC, iPhone or Mac too.

7) OpenDrive :

Open Drive Cloud Storage

OpenDrive provides 5 GB storage space over its cloud network. OpenDrive is free to use service to store your data files, music files, videos, documents on the go using your Android device. Whenever you store anything it automatically get synchronized to OpenDrive storage space to secure your data at safe passage. However you can access it using OpenDrive website too. Well, we can say that its most of the features are identical to DropBox, SkyDrive etc.

8) MegaCloud :

MegaCloud - Cloud Storage App for Android

This android cloud storage app offers you huge 8 GB free storage, and allow you to store music, photos, documents etc. Even because of more space, you can store larger files here. This android app lets you share your files across family, friends and your accepted devices.

9) ASUS WebStorage :

ASUS Web Storage Android App

According to Asus, More than 10 million users have an account in ASUS Web Storage space. Thus, We can say that ASUS WebStorage is growing as secure and efficient cloud storage provider. By Registering an account on ASUS WebStorage, users get 5GB of free cloud storage space. It’s widely supported on Windows PC (including Windows XP, Win 7 , Win 8 , Vista ) and supported for Android OS 2.1 devices or above.

10) Ubuntu One Files :

Ubuntu One Cloud Storage App

Ubuntu one personal cloud lets you store your photos and files in the cloud and allows you to share with your friends or groups that you choose. It gives 5 GB of free storage space to its users. On the other hand, Ubuntu one is integrated with Instagram too. As a result of it, users can instantly upload photos to Ubuntu one storage which are taken by Instagram app.


In this new year of 2013, there are many cloud storage services are growing like pro ones. One of them is ASUS WebStorage, Ubuntu One, SkyDrive, Box etc. However, I would like to suggest you to choose any cloud storage provider from the above list. Almost all providers have their cloud storage apps for android and are secure too.

*All images are courtesy of the respective companies and originally taken from Google play store.


6 Tips to Improve iPad Battery Life

Do you want to run your iPad for a long time? If yes, then read the following tips as it will help you immensely. The iPad has excellent battery life. According to CNET Labs testing, it can run for whopping 12 hours. However, over a period of time, the life of the battery begins to fade; but still, there are ways by which you can extend your battery life for sure. Our article covers the tips to improve the battery life of the iPad device, make sure that you implement them, after doing this, you will be able to see a drastic change in your device’s battery life.


Turn off Bluetooth

If you are not using Bluetooth, then it is better to be turned off. Since this smart move will actually ease the life of your battery. You just need to go to Settings > General and the fourth item will be the Bluetooth. All you need to do is set the slider off. Hence, it is better to disable Bluetooth when it is not being used, you can enable it whenever it is required.

Reducing brightness lengthens the battery life

It is better to reduce the brightness of the screen for ever as it will not put any pressure on the battery. It is extremely simple to do the same. Hence, by this smart step, you can actually feel a lot at ease in terms of experiencing long battery life. You can do the same by going to Settings -> Brightness -> Wallpaper”. Thereby you will get the option where you can reduce it according to your convenience.

Lock your iPad

By using the method, you can actually let your iPad go to sleep when not in use. It is advisable to set the timer of two minutes so that it goes a long way in saving your battery quite like the way you have wanted. It is indeed a child’s play to do the same. By going to Settings > General > Auto-lock, you need to set the timer for two minutes. It is easy after all. This setting has proved to be very useful to me and saves a lot of battery of the iPad. I would recommend y’all to enable Auto Lock on your devices.

Minimize the use of location-based service

The batter power is consumed a lot, while you use location based service in the form of maps. Hence, you should limit its use only when it is quite necessary in order to experience a long battery life. It ca be done by going to settings> location-based service where you can make the changes. Continuous connection to GPS can consume a lot of battery, so it’s better that you disable it for the time being.

Fully Charged, Charge it more..

In spite of the fact that displays shows 100% full, yet there always remain the gap of 5% to 7%. Hence, recharging it again can prove to be quite useful since in this way, your battery get enough boost as well.

Set Auto-Brightness

The iPad’s screen can adjust to the brightness of the screen in an automatic way. Hence, you need to go to Settings -> Brightness -> and then move the Auto-Brightness slider to “on”. Thereby auto brightness will be set. It will not burden your battery for sure.

Aforesaid are tips which is going to ease you like never before. You will get lots of assistance by taking adherence to the tips since you will lengthen the battery life for sure.



Free Fonts for Graphic Designers to Come Up With Creative Design Themes

Graphic Designers should have a good understanding of designing basics and techniques. Knowledge about the typography is required for the designers. It helps them to place the correct format of fonts in the websites or brochures. Projection of fonts in a different and creative way will help to attract the attention of the viewers. Imagine what would happen if the viewers are not able to understand the writings on your website wall or on the brochure? A clear and attractive font style plays a vital role in your design and not many designers are giving the due attention required.

The following free fonts for graphic designers are absolutely free for their personal uses. You can very well try out these fonts and check for the quality of output.

Soraya Font Style :

Soraya-fontThese kinds of free fonts for graphic designers can be very well seen on the display or on the glass doors of fashion stores. It will have all possible combinations of length and breadth of font styles. A particular section of the letter can be made broader and other part can be made as a light or thin one. This is not suited for a brochure kind of printing style.

St Ryde Font Style :

St-Ryde-fontThis is a perfect kind of font style for the designers to use in brochures. A full brochure to be displayed in your website can have a font style like this. It looks very professional because of the elegant use of different color shades.

Slukoni Font Style :

Slukoni-fontThis is one of the best free fonts for graphic designers if they are looking for designs to be printed on fabrics and apparels. You can see these kinds of styles printed on a jeans material. The design can be customized and personalized according to the requirement.

Zag Font Style :

Zag-fontYou can see these kinds of fonts on several books. Publishers use this kind of style and if your requirement is to build a similar website or brochure design to promote a publisher’s business, this font style can be very useful.

Adec Font Style :

adec-fontThis is a typical font style that can be used in the websites. With a black background, the font style looks to be traditional. My suggestion is to use this font style in website designs that are concentrating on old age people or trying to give a social message to the common people.

Advent Font Style :

Advent-fontTelevision ads will display font style like this. Fashion and beauty related products can have fonts and it will be suitable. It also has a tinch of pink color in it. Websites that are dealing with women’s products can try this style very much.

Alice Font Style :

alice-fontThis is one of the most suitable free fonts for graphic designers to have in displaying titles on pages. Short description titles can have this title and it looks quite impressive. Page captions are often displayed in this style in most of the websites.

AW Conqueror Font Style :

AW-Conqueror-fontIt is a simple black and white font style. It looks great when used. It is so classy and you should not miss this font. Often the front pages of books will have a similar font style.  Try this style if your requirement is of similar kind.

Solgas Font Style :

solgas-fontA perfect green colored font style to grab the attention of the viewers. It is one of the widely used free fonts for graphic designers when they design logos and banners. Different kinds of writings can be inscribed in the logos.

Base Font Style :

base-fontThis is a kind of font style that is mostly used in writing a product’s name uniquely. It looks bit stylish and the design can be customized to a greater extent. Naming the product using this style is a better way to use it.

Black Casper Font Style :

black-fontThe style is simply superb!! If you want to be very creative in giving the information, it is one of the best free fonts for graphic designers. However, the captions and titles alone can be presented using this style.

Blackout Font Style :

Blackout-fontIt is a simple but attention capturing font style. Some of the commonly provided information can be displayed using this font. This style can be used when there is not much information or content to be displayed on the screen.

Chunk Font Style :

chunk-fontIt is an elegant free font for the graphic designers. News websites and other sites that are giving sensational news to the readers can use this style very much. The row and column headings can be given perfectly. It has a suitable style to fit in the news content also. Different colors can be used very well.


Steps to save battery life in Android

Using an android smartphone?? And worried with the battery backup?? Here are some steps to save the battery life in android phones.

Firstly Android is an open source mobile operating system developed by Google and it can be customized by anyone from anywhere in the world. Being the best OS in mobiles it has a problem with only one thing that it “battery backup”, not only android other mobile operating systems like iOS and Symbian has the same problem. So if you are an android user then please remind the following steps carefully to save your battery life.


Delete Apps that contains “Ads”

Firstly delete the apps which is filled with ads, because the app will be running at the background to show ads and this completely drains up your battery. So it’s better to remove apps that irritate’s you appearing ads.

Turn off Wifi and Data Connections

I know that it is very hard to do this thing!! But if you want to save your battery and want to continue using your phone for some more time then you need to apply this step. So now it’s up to you to do this or not.

Let the Auto-Sync be OFF

When you are on data connection or using wifi then let the auto-sync be off, because when you do this it prevents applications like facebook and gmail not to run in the background and saves a lot amount of battery life.

To do this Go to Settings> Accounts and sync> now tap on Auto-Sync so it gets turned off.

Brightness and Orientation

Its better you turn off auto-rotation because every time you use your mobile in portrait mode only so turning on when needed is the best and brilliant thing to save your battery life. When coming to brightness set the brightness in such a way so that it reduces when the battery comes to 30-40%.


Turn on GPS when needed and its must to turn it off when you are away of it. This will benefit your battery life a lot when compared to other steps.

Install “Cutomized Roms”

There are some custom roms at XDA developers for each and every android device where the devs have specially designed the roms to save the battery life. Install these roms and save your battery life without following any of the above steps.

Use Stand By Mode and Screen timeout functions

Let the phone always be on standby mode and use the phone when needed. Set the screen time out functions to as short as possible so that it dims up the screen and goes into standby mode. This is the main and important step to follow to save your battery life in android.

Set it to Airplane mode while travelling

The tower connected to your service provider gets changing frequently to stay connected when you are travelling in buses or trains, this drain’s up your battery a lot. So it better to switch on to airplane plane mode when you are on a long journey or in a flight to save your battery in your smartphone.

If you follow these instructions carefully then I am damn sure that your android phone will give a 2 hour extra backup. So try to apply these steps and always keep an extra battery so it will be useful in case of emergency. If you have any other methods to save battery life, then please do let us and the world know about this.

Top 10 Latest Laptops of 2012

Top 10 Latest Laptops of 2012

Since the introduction of computers in the second half of the last century it gradually moved towards miniaturization. Portability is another important point of moving towards laptops. Since the introduction of the first laptops in the 80s, technology has improved almost at a break-neck speed.  For instance, as far as processors are concerned according to Moore’s law, processing power is being doubled every eighteen months. This is also followed with further militarization of processor with an increased number of transistors. Apart from this, there are similar developments being witnessed in storage, display and memory.

Following the footsteps of desktops, mobile processing power is also getting further augmented. This is being witnessed in the latest laptops that are arriving in the market on a periodic basis. Persons who are accustomed to computers and use it for a long time on a regular basis, particularly laptops are frequently on the lookout for the latest technological developments in this field. Suppose you have brought one from the stable of latest laptops of 2012 and you suddenly come across a product with some further improved features, you may be a bit disappointed.

With the galloping development of technologies it seems that more and more versatile laptops are introduced in the marketplace on a periodic basis. Searching for the latest laptops may make you come across a wide range of notebooks or tablets, which could come under your consideration. Among the latest laptops of 2012 you can consider among the best selling or the most popular.

In terms of overall performance,

  • Apple Mac Book Pro MD101


This mean machine has positioned itself in the first place and it is fuelled by Intel’s third generation core architecture processor. This not only increases raw processing power but also increases memory speed. It is also equipped with next generation graphics which improves delivery levels of over sixty percent more than previous systems. In order to facilitate high speed data transfer of up to 10 GBps, it is equipped with Thunderbolt I/O. Following the trend of its predecessor, Mac Book Pro went even better. Among other positive features of the Mac book Pro, it is made up of a precision unibody enclosure from a single aluminum sheet. This makes it, one of the thinnest and lightest computer workhorses. It is just an inch thin and weighs about 4.5 pounds. It features Apple’s multi-touch technology with a glass track pad and a 13.3 inch LED backlit glass display. You will also be able to enjoy about 7hrs of battery life while on the move. It is certainly among the latest laptops and is placed a few notches higher than other comparable products.

If you feel yours budget is a little constrained, then you can go for

  • Acer Aspire AS5251-1805


This15.6 inch laptop has nicely placed itself in the second place. It is fuelled by the AMD V Series processor and equipped with the latest technologies of connectivity. Apart from its 15.6 inch wide LED backlit display it also poses an integrated HD webcam.  There are also some popular laptops which have become the favorite of the customer due to their user friendly features. They are not only interesting but also at the same time equipped with some exciting features, which helped them to place themselves among the latest laptops of 2012.

Coming to the third position, there is the

  • Toshiba Satellite L645D-S4036


This Triple Core AMD Phenom II p820 powered laptop is ideal for carrying out your daily official jobs. Apart from helping you in your work, its mobile processor is also capable of performing 3-d gaming. It posses enough amount of memory and hard disk space. It will also help you to burn digital media at a breakneck speed. Most of these miniature versions of power houses are crafted in a strong and durable aluminum casing. This makes them not only light but also equally flexible in use.

Apart from the three mentioned above, there are a lot of others, like

  • Dell Inspiron i15N-2728BK


This notebook is fuelled by the Intel core i3 (2370 M/ 2.40 GHz) Processor. It boasts a memory of about 6 GB and is equipped with a 500 GB HDD. It poses a15.6 inch screen laptop with amazing graphics, since it is also equipped with Intel HD graphics. It also poses a DVD RW drive.

  • HP Pavilion g7-2010 nr


It boasts an Intel Core i3 (2.3 GHz Processor with 6 GB of SDRAM. 640 GB of HDD @ 5400 RPM.  With a 17.3 inch screen and Intel 3000 HD graphics. It is also equipped with the 64 bit MS Windows 7 operating system.

Among the most popular laptops of 2012-13, that may be placed serially down the list includes

  • Samsung Chromebook


It is available with an 11.6 inch display and powered by the Samsung Exynos 5250 processor. It is also loaded with 2 GB DDR3 L series of RAM, 2 USB Ports and 2 HDMI Ports. It has also built in dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n. Though it lacks significant amount of hard disk space but is very much capable of performing basic official assignments. It could also be used for light entertainment.

  • Then there is also a new, Acer C7 C710-1847-Chromebook


This is just waiting in the wings to unleash its might, the. It boasts an 11.6 inch screen and is energized by Intel Dual Core B847 1.1 GHz 2 GB DDR3 and 320 GB 5400 RPM HDD with HDMI. It is also equipped with an USB 3.0 VGA Card Reader. Most of the listed laptops also offer an option of upgrades, particularly in increasing their memory and hard disk space.

Two other popular laptops in this range are

  •  Toshiba Satellite L645 D-S4036


Among the exciting specs that equips this laptop is its triple core AMD Phenom II (1.8 GHz.) processor. It also boasts a memory of about 4 GB and is further upgradable to 8GB. 320 GB HDD with 5400 RPM. This Laptop is available with a 14 inch TFT active matrix screen and is also gifted with the ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics processor and a DVD RW.

  • ASUS UL30A-X5


This light and thin laptop is powered by the Intel Core2 Dup processor and is available with 4 GB RAM as a standard option. It poses a 500 GB HDD and is loaded with the 64 bit MS Windows 64 bit edition. With the help of the Intel GMA 4500 MHD graphics processor and 13.3 inch LED screen, it offers astonishing visuals. It weighs just 3.74 lbs.

All these compact power houses are available from $380 onwards and are quite affordable to an average consumer.

Most of these laptops are equipped to serve a range of diversified customers, though they are equipped to perform even the most basic tasks. However, one of the most prominent features of these machines is that most of them boast an aluminum body. This not only makes them light weight but also equally flexible for a range of diversified mobile needs. However, there is nothing to get puzzled if you could chalk out your requirement, which will help you to choose the best available from the lot.


Top 5 Pocket Sized Digital Cameras

I think that lots of people are unhappy with the designs of the cameras because if we want to go out then we have to carry a special small bag for the camera but today I will tell you the Top 5 Pocket Sized Digital camera, You can carry these cameras anywhere at anytime because these cameras are as smaller that it can fit into your pocket.  These cameras can also fit into your purchase budget. I will suggest you that if you are planning to purchase one feature full camera with nice design then you should prefer any camera from the list. So, let me start the specs of the cameras.

Cyber-shot DSC-W690

Pocket Sized Digital Cameras

Image Source: http://www.flipkart.com/

Sony models make some great Pocket fit electronic cameras. This one suits in the price range classification. It falls a few of the awesome features like 1080p videos, lots of capturing ways, and music mp3. If you are not going to skip those, this is one strong electronic camera. It is having a powerful camera of 16.1 MP, so you do not need to fear about the quality of your printing. It is also one of the tiniest electronic cameras in the Top 5. Get ready to take this one everywhere you go.




This pocket sized digital camera released from Panasonic and it is perfect for those interested in their first photographic digital camera. The indicator catches 12.1 mpwith a 24mm wide contacts that has an aperture ideal for low mild performance. You get picture stabilizing features for capturing in low mild and zoomed as well. One of the disadvantages to this digital camera is the particularly short life cycle of battery. This will also be a very wonderful decision to purchase this Digital Camera.

Cyber-shot DSC WX150

This Cyber-shot is one of the more highly effective digital camera in this classification that has a reasonable price tag. This digital camera is ranked at a huge 18.2 MP. That means you can securely make printing up to 16×20 without degrading the image. It has a highly effective 10x visual zoom capability with a 20x zoom capability to start. You are going to get about 240 Clicks per power supply charge, which is average when it comes to life cycle of power supply. You are in luck if you are looking for a digital camera with videos as well. This one launches 1080p and records music audio.

Nikon Coolpix S800c

This is one of the most advance cameras on the list when it comes to technology. This is an Android operating system operated intelligent photographic camera. That means it has all the performance of a smartphone except the ability to call people. This photographic camera can publish easily and use all of the fun applications your cellphone has while capturing images on a devoted photographic camera. A very cool idea from Nikon. This will be a very nice decision to purchase this camera as it is also having the Wireless File transferring option in it.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 320 HS

The best electronic camera on the list is a 16.1 mega-pixel photographic electronic camera that records 1080p video. It is equipped with a 24mm contact lens for wide position capturing that is capable of 5x visual and 5x zoom capability. Those specifications alone create this electronic camera ready for just about any capturing situation. Top it off with 58 capturing ways and a decent life cycle of battery to create this a great pocket sized photographic electronic camera.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have any questions regarding to this article then please be free to ask in comment section.

Best Alternatives to iPad 3

Top 5 Best Alternatives to iPad 3

Nowadays Everyone wants to buy a Smartphone or Smart Tablet, Most of the people are using Smart Tablets for Sending Email, Reading Emails, For Facebook Chit Chat, Internet Surfing  But they don’t know that these Tab’s are not having any future. The companies are inserting new features into the Tab’s, So the people should buy it. Lots of new android Operating versions are coming like- Ice Cream sandwich, Ginger bread, Android Jelly bean and many more. So, now let me tell you the Top 5 best Alternatives to iPad3.

Sony Xperia Tablet

Best Alternatives to iPad 3

Everyone knows that Sony is really a very nice company of developing Smartphone, laptops, Tab’s and many more tech things, They are doing awesome work for us. Now let me tell you the features of this Sony Xperia Tablet, This is a very slim Tab ad stylish too, It is having a very wonderful camera of 8 Megapixels With the maximum resolution of 3264×2448, It is having 1.3 GHZ internal CPU, The Company has decided to hang the price tag of $400. So it will be a better or we can say best decision to buy this Tab instead of iPad 3.

Asus Google Nexus 7

This is the best tablet I have ever seen. The Asus Google Nexus 7 has the Killer look, The tab is very-very sleek and slim with the shiny outer metallic body. The best feature this tab is having is that it can connect to the 4G internet connection, This tab was  launched in June 2012 and was released in market in July. The Asus Goole Nexus 7 weights only 340 grams, it is the half if iPad 3. It is also having 1.3 GHZ internal CPU in it (same as Sony Xperia Tablet) but the disadvantage of this Tab is that it is not having much powerful camera in it. The  company has decided to sell it of for 150 EUR.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8010

This is the latest tablet which is declared by Samsung, this tab is having the newest features. So, let us do not waste the time and talk about it features. The length, breadth and height of this Tab is262 x 180 x 8.9 mm, This tab is bit heavy it is of 600 grams, It is having a very powerful CPU of 1.4 GHZ in it. The tab is having secondary camera of 1.3 MP ( specially for videos calling). You can easily purchase this tab for 530 EUR.