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15 Windows Must Have Softwares That You Never Heard of

There is no doubt that windows software market is far bigger than any other operating system’s software market. There are millions of softwares which can turn your machine as a super computer.

Today we are enlisting 15 great windows utilities which can change your computing experience. The best thing about these softwares is that it works on all versions of windows including windows 8.


So Here’s the list.

1) Eraser: whenever we delete a file from our hard-disk drive, the contents of that file can be recovered by using recovery software like Recuva. But sometimes we wish to delete a file permanently which can’t be recovered by any other software. Eraser provides functionality to remove any file permanently from your hard disk drive.

2) Unlocker: Sometimes at the time of deleting a file a Error comes which says that “This file is in use of another program”. You can delete that kind of files with the help of unlocker.

3) AlwaysOnTop: This tiny windows utility can easily keep any of your window stick at the top while you are doing any other task.

4) DoubleKiller: Most of the times we copy duplicate files on our hard disk. DoubleKiller lets you remove duplicate files including images, videos, songs, softwares etc. It simply compares hash of two files. If hash is equal then it deletes one of the file and saves our hard disk space at a great extent.

5)TCPView: It’s a great utility to watch which process on your computer is accessing internet. You can then kill unwanted process by going through task manager.

6)Droplr: Droplr provides you the easiest way to upload files on the web. It create a “Drop Zone” On desktop. Just place any file you want to upload on the web to drop zone. The file will be Instantly uploaded and download link will be copied to clip board.

7)TinyGrab: TinyGrab offers a functionality to upload your screenshots on the web instantly. Just take any screenshot and TinyGrab Instantly upload it to web.
your screenshots will be on the web forever until you manually remove them.

8)Mouse Boarders: It’s a awesome utility by Microsoft which lets you control multiple computers with same keyboard and mouse.

9)ClipX: When we copy anything to our clip board the previous copied items is lost and new copied data is over written at that place. ClipX preserves previous Copy history and lets you access previous copied items.

10)MiniBin: MiniBin puts your recycle bin to your system tray so you don’t have to minimize all the windows to access recycle bin.

11)MailStore: MailStore is a amazing application which offers you to download your all emails to your hard disk and provide a offline access.

12)DropIt: It’s a advance file sorting utility which automatically Copy or Move files to relevant folders on on their extensions, date and other criteria.

13)TeraCopy: TeraCopy is a copying utility which provides copying of files at a very fast speed. We can copy Thousands of MB data in minutes by using TeraCopy.

14)Soluto: Is your computer takes a lot of time in startup.? Then you need Soluto, It’s a Great utility which removes unnecessary programs at startup and provides a fast startup time.

15) F.lux : adjusts the color temperature of your display based on your local time It does this by calculating the sunrise and sunset times of your location.

Provide your comments in comment box below..and let us know what you think on these 15 awesome windows applications.

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