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5 Best Android apps for college goers

Those days have passed when mobiles were just used to dial and receive calls or send SMS. With the launch of Smartphone, mobile phones have been transformed to PDA’s. Android apps have become friend, guide and philosopher for every student and college goers. They help the students with their study and organize their study material in a better way. The five best Android apps for college goers are:

Aldiko eReader

5 Best Android apps for college goers

In today’s world, students are bound to use e books for their study purpose instead of using their traditional books. In order to view such e-books a good app like Aldiko eReader can be used. You can customize it and adjust the font size and type face. It allows you to highlight the important text and copy them. You can also download or buy e-book with this app. It is great for reading and navigation. A must app for student bookworms specially those pursuing literature related degrees.


It is a must have app for every student, college goers and others also. It can be used for the purpose of organizing ideas, photos and videos. Being a college goer you can track your study plan, manage your study material, and summarize your note, preparing time tables, capturing important notes and many more. It syncs with your PC and makes transferring very easy. You can organize different notebooks for different subjects and tag notes. The best part is you can do all this free without paying anything.

Campus Special

College students spend a major part of their pocket money on food. This app which is available for free helps you to save your money and get best deals in return of your cash. Depending on your current location, it helps you to locate the cheapest deals on food. You can access the menu and directly place your order from the app. It avails coupon system to give heavy discounts to its customers and find the best and cheapest restaurants in your campus.

Wolfram Alpha

It is one of the greatest apps around and is of specific use for students pretty much for those who are doing some course. It is not a search engine but a computing app which takes the input by the user and converts it into the information which the user wants. It is great for finding statistics, algebra, coding formulas and historical questions. It solves your mathematical and engineering problems very easily. The best part is the app is getting smarter day by day with updates and more open ended questions in subjects like history and politics.

Android Scientific Calculator

Scientific calculators have evolved a lot and available in small and compact size. Hence, students prefer using this app over it. It is considered as one of the best ways for student to solve their calculation problems and is available for free. One can use it for fractions, degrees, trigonometric problems complex mathematical solutions, conversions and much more.

These are the best apps which are very helpful for college goers.

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