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5 Best Android apps for Mathematical Calculation

Even though we hate numbers, yet we can’t escape them. Just when you thought that you have passed your school college and now you won’t have to face numbers other numerical issues come back in your life. The mathematical apps help to exercise and improve your mathematical skills. They are designed to perform complex calculations giving human brain a rest. Make the best use of these apps and grab it benefits. The 5 best app for mathematical calculations are:

Math Ref Free

5 Best Android apps for Mathematical Calculation

It one of the most used Android math app which functions as a math reference app. It covers a lot of topics under it such as Geometry, Trigonometry, Integration, Algebra, Statistics, Derivatives, Probability. It includes formulas related to Physics. The double sized package even includes chemistry in it with formulas and equations such as Vector, Algorithm, Discrete math and balanced equations.

Math Attack

It is a simple mathematics app to improve your simple math skills by practicing various math functions such as:

  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiple part question
  • Squares
  • Open Fient Integration addition in the Math attack

You can easily choose the question type and then practice. The session is timed to check your mathematics skill.


Students are very scared of trigonometry. But now they can solve their trigonometry problems with one click of their finger and learn trigonometry with simple interactive programs. The features included in this app are:

  • Trigonometry definitions- the various law of sines
  • Law of cosines
  • Law of tangents
  • Pythagorean theory
  • Inverse function
  • Mollwide’s Formula
  • Triangle area
  • Trigonometry identities

In short, it solves all your problems related to trigonometry giving you accurate answers along with the formula and solution.

Brain Exerciser

Brain Exerciser is a great app designed to give your brains some exercise. It has 3 games which you can play to check your mathematical skills. There is number breaker where you need to destroy the digits and balloon solver where you have to solve the right answer to pop the balloon in a timed period. You can enjoy the game and even share it on Facebook and Twitter and let your friends know your score. It is a free app on the Google Play Store. It is a great app to keep your brain fresh with different mathematical activities

College Math Formulae Lite

This app is typically designed for College and high school students. It includes all the basic and important formulas of Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus which day to  day updates of new topics. The topics of algebra trigonometry and calculus are beautifully covered here which includes its basic properties, facts, functions and graphs, derivatives, integrals, laws of sine, cosines and tangents.

Android offers the best math apps which include software for kids to grocer’s calculations. The kids can learn their basic math of addition and subtraction while elders can solve their lengthy grocery calculation in seconds. Download these apps from Google Play Store today and enjoy the exercise of your brain or as a help for your math formulas.

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