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5 Best Dictionary Apps For Your Android Device

Whenever the youngstars are busily dipped into their Android devices, parents think it is either games or some highly suspicious items. But how parents cannot think that we can do something really useful too (at times)! So in this article we will see some real important apps for your Android devices- they are Dictionaries. We all know the utility of a good dictionary, and when you have them installed on your Android device, that too at zero cost, well, who stops you from  being “Mr. He-knows-everything”! Let us discuss about top 5 Dictionary Apps for your Android which you can download from various sites absolutely free of cost.


Best Dictionary Apps For Your Android Device

With cool features, this Dictionary app is perhaps the best among the rest. Home screen widget, Word of the Day, voice search, Hot Word blog and pronunciation are all some of the useful features of this app. With more than 3,00,000 meanings and antonyms, word origin, Phonetic and spelling suggestions, this app is the best guide for your knowledge.

Advanced English And Therausus

The uniqueness of this Dictionary is that it can organize important parts of speech into perceptive synonyms. It gives access to a huge number of entries (140000) and words (1.4 million). This app even features hyperlinks between those words which are related. Often it happens that we remember our last searched word, but we forget the synonym found! With this Dictionary app you can also see the history of the last 50 searched words. Now isn’t this very useful?


This is America’s most sought after Dictionary. With amazing features, this app scores a good point. It is great for enhancing your vocabulary or you can also use it for reference purposes. This app uses it reference fro the mother Dictionary- Merrium-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. The most amazing feature is that you don’t have to know the spelling of an unknown word. Heard some jargon somewhere? Just speak it aloud and Merrium-Webster will look up all the synonyms, antonyms or example sentences! Now what more can you ask from a Dictionary?

Free Dictionary Org

Great definitions, perfect pronunciation, synonyms- all from Free Dictionary Org. This app allows you a special feature of offline Database query when you are unable to connect to the web. You can use this app to play quiz games too! This will definitely enrich your vocabulary skill.

Caloric Dictioanry Wikipedia

This is a good dictionary which uses the searched word and translates its origin. You can also listen to the pronunciation with the audio feature. It supports Wordnet, Translate, StarDict and Wikipedia. The most unique feature of this Dictionary is that with just a long click, you can share your information with your friends.

Gone are the days when you had to carry those monstrous huge Dictionaries to look up for a new word. So, act smart and get any one of these dictionaries installed and rock the world with your superfluous knowledge. Also startle your parents with your fabulous vocabulary!

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