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5 Must Have Android Apps In Your Newly Bought Phone

Following with the recent trend in personal gadgets, if you don’t own a Smartphone, then sorry, you’re definitely not in vogue! Smartphone is installed with the latest Android software which allows you to do from any to everything from your phone. This is perhaps the most popular OS in the market right now. There are over 1,00,000 apps available in the Android market, there there is where you need our help. Choosing the best and most useful apps from among all needs research. Let us get you acquainted with the 5 must have Android apps for your new phone.

Es File Explorer

5 Must Have Android Apps In Your Newly Bought Phone

What do you expect from a complete file explorer? ES File Explorer gives you all that. Apart from copying, pasting, renaming, compressing or deleting files, here you have the advantage of selecting multiple files simultaneously. But the feature which steals the show is that this explorer’s ability to connect to various network shares. Managing files is no big deal with this explorer. The Manage apps does this work smoothly. Even third party apps are supported like Document To Go etc.

Dolphin Hd Browser

If you are looking for a professional, customized and advanced web browser, Dolphin HD Browser is your thing. High speed efficiency is the major advantage of this browser. The main interface is clean with just 2 buttons. Few of the exclusive features include- Multi Touch pinch zoom, saving of web pages to consult them offline, unlimited tabs etc.

Go Sms Pro

If you are “text-savvy”, this app is a must. Go Sms Pro allows you the facility of free MMS, colorful themes, huge Sms backup, Security lock, group texting and also notifies you with private mode.

Advanced Task Killer

This app is used to stop the program running in the backdrop. Advanced Task Killer allows you to view the apps running in the background, so that you can quickly terminate them as the work is done. All these can be done with just one click. This app can be used as an auto start function when you restart your phone in the beginning or else it has the option to appear in the notification bar.


Though there are other playback apps available, Winamp has the exclusive advantage that it can sync songs wirelessly to the home devices. With amazing features like iTunes library, play queue management, playlist shortcuts, Internet radio, Integrated “Listen to” voice actions etc. Winamp is one of the 5 must have apps for your phone.

All these applications can be bought from Android market or downloaded from online sites. The perfect ease of use of all these apps make them more desirable. There are plenty more apps apt for Androids, especially gaming and entertainment apps. But here we have discussed only those apps which are absolutely necessary for your new phone when you are using the Smartphone more than just a gaming device. So, make your new phone a business partner, helper and guide and just see the ease in work!


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