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6 Tips to Improve iPad Battery Life

Do you want to run your iPad for a long time? If yes, then read the following tips as it will help you immensely. The iPad has excellent battery life. According to CNET Labs testing, it can run for whopping 12 hours. However, over a period of time, the life of the battery begins to fade; but still, there are ways by which you can extend your battery life for sure. Our article covers the tips to improve the battery life of the iPad device, make sure that you implement them, after doing this, you will be able to see a drastic change in your device’s battery life.


Turn off Bluetooth

If you are not using Bluetooth, then it is better to be turned off. Since this smart move will actually ease the life of your battery. You just need to go to Settings > General and the fourth item will be the Bluetooth. All you need to do is set the slider off. Hence, it is better to disable Bluetooth when it is not being used, you can enable it whenever it is required.

Reducing brightness lengthens the battery life

It is better to reduce the brightness of the screen for ever as it will not put any pressure on the battery. It is extremely simple to do the same. Hence, by this smart step, you can actually feel a lot at ease in terms of experiencing long battery life. You can do the same by going to Settings -> Brightness -> Wallpaper”. Thereby you will get the option where you can reduce it according to your convenience.

Lock your iPad

By using the method, you can actually let your iPad go to sleep when not in use. It is advisable to set the timer of two minutes so that it goes a long way in saving your battery quite like the way you have wanted. It is indeed a child’s play to do the same. By going to Settings > General > Auto-lock, you need to set the timer for two minutes. It is easy after all. This setting has proved to be very useful to me and saves a lot of battery of the iPad. I would recommend y’all to enable Auto Lock on your devices.

Minimize the use of location-based service

The batter power is consumed a lot, while you use location based service in the form of maps. Hence, you should limit its use only when it is quite necessary in order to experience a long battery life. It ca be done by going to settings> location-based service where you can make the changes. Continuous connection to GPS can consume a lot of battery, so it’s better that you disable it for the time being.

Fully Charged, Charge it more..

In spite of the fact that displays shows 100% full, yet there always remain the gap of 5% to 7%. Hence, recharging it again can prove to be quite useful since in this way, your battery get enough boost as well.

Set Auto-Brightness

The iPad’s screen can adjust to the brightness of the screen in an automatic way. Hence, you need to go to Settings -> Brightness -> and then move the Auto-Brightness slider to “on”. Thereby auto brightness will be set. It will not burden your battery for sure.

Aforesaid are tips which is going to ease you like never before. You will get lots of assistance by taking adherence to the tips since you will lengthen the battery life for sure.


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