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Best Ethical and Advanced SEO Techniques to Follow in 2018

Taking your business online is important today. The online business must be grab the attention of the targeted audience. For this you can employ SEO techniques and strategies. These techniques and strategies help to improve the optimization of your website. You can use these to increase the ranking of your website in the search result pages. You should create SEO friendly websites to increase your business.

You must approach a SEO company to optimize your website. A professional SEO company can employ advance SEO techniques to improve the traffic to your website. Here are a few of them listed below:

Make Your Website Fast

You should delete all the unwanted information from your website. Websites are used to provide information and help the users find what they are looking for. This should not take a long time. The time spend on search sessions should be reduced or you may experience high bounce rates.

You can use tools to find your website’s speed. Page-Speed Insights is one of the best tools. It scores your website’s speed from 1 to 100. If you score 80 and above, then your website is fast enough. It also recommends changes you can implement to make it fast.

Internal linking

While browsing you may find a link to some blogs. You may read it and find a link to another blog. This way you may read a number of blogs. This is known as internal linking. You can create a better structure for your blog and this helps to reduce the bounce rates.

You should interlink your blogs. When you write a blog, you should try to link it to other blogs on your website. Your visitors will read the blogs they find interesting. You should make sure your blogs are linked right.

Use the right keywords

The SEO company can narrow down the need of the customers by using descriptive keywords. You should use the keywords in the right way. While developing the content for your website you should focus on the keywords that come naturally. By targeting the right keywords and using them the right way you can better ROI.

You can also use Google AdWords Keyword Planner. It provides you with search volumes and the keywords that your competitors target. It also offers different keyword variations that you can use to optimize your page.

Optimize your images

Images can attract a thousand of visitors. You should optimize the images in the right way. You should start optimizing the images on your SEO page.

You should not name your images randomly. You give a proper name to the images. You should provide Alt text for your images. If the image fails to load you can see the Alt text written. This way it becomes easy for the search engine to identify your image.

Structured data and schema markup

There are three main parts in a website. They are text, markup and structured data. Text is depictive of the content. Markup shows the browser how the content should look on the website. Structured data lets Google and others know what the data is.

Search engines like to read and crawl on organized data. So, you should get rid of normal HTML markup and let the search engine crawl on your website easily. It is one of the trending topics and mandatory for most of the industries.

Duplicate content

People often copy the same content at different sites. There is also software available to jumble the words of an article and republish it elsewhere. This leads to duplicate content problem. Google finds it difficult to which page to pass the authority to. It may split the website’s credit and share it across different pages.

Unwanted interstitial ads

The mobile phone users have a large number of interstitial ads. This degrades the user experience. Using pop-ads and videos is no longer an SEO tactic. Google has started issuing warnings to visitors of the ads. It has become very strict with website rankings where content is not easily available.

Write longer meta descriptions

You can write meta descriptions that can drive clicks. Your meta description need not be short. It should be meaningful and provide all the information. You need not give all the information but the right amount of it. SEO company that offer organic SEO services use this method to drive clicks.

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