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Features of a Good Magazine Maker Software

One of the latest digital trends these days is the digital magazine, as the world continues to move away from print publications. Unfortunately, it’s not a simple task to code and construct an online magazine from scratch, even if you have some expertise in traditional print layouts. So you are going to want a good tool to help you with your digital publication. These are the key features you need to find.

Cost Value

Most people who are getting started in the digital magazine field are looking to keep their costs down, and that usually means finding a good tool that is also free. While a free piece of software might be fine for the occasional small magazine, if you are going to be producing a regular series of documents and want to access a broader range of features, you will likely want a tool that can grow beyond the “free” level.

Some tools will offer more options or better analytics with a paid account. You might be able to only produce one digital magazine with a free account, but more publications if you pay. Perhaps you don’t want any additional ads included with your magazine, as free accounts tend to do. The features and options are endless. Take a look at your choices, and decide what works best for your project. Ideally, you can start with a free option and upgrade as you wish.

Creates Responsive Documents

You want your finished document to be clearly readable and functional whether it’s being read on a PC, tablet or a small smart phone screen. There is a huge variation in screen size and proportions these days, and your software needs to accommodate for that.

You don’t want your lovely formatting to become misshapen as your magazine tries to reorient itself for a small screen, or get stretched strangely because someone is reading it on a desktop monitor.

Allows for Multi-Media

Great graphics can make or break a digital magazine, and you need to have complete control over using photos and images with your content. Don’t settle for a magazine maker that only allows you to insert one kind of graphic file. Look for tools that let you use .jpg, .png, .tiff, or whatever format you want. Having to convert your entire graphics collection to another format is a chore you can do without.

And you can now go beyond still photos with a digital magazine, and hopefully your chosen tools can keep up with video or audio components too.

Can Embed with Ease

While having your new digital magazine available as part of one online library (usually part of your tool’s platform), is a great way to have new eyes on your content, you are most likely going to want some control over how you share it with your own audience of readers.

That means embedding your magazine easily into other webpages, preferably without having to learn a host of new coding tricks. A good software tool will host your finished magazine, and give you a single line of code that you can paste anywhere you please, to bring up your document for display wherever you want.

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