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Free Fonts for Graphic Designers to Come Up With Creative Design Themes

Graphic Designers should have a good understanding of designing basics and techniques. Knowledge about the typography is required for the designers. It helps them to place the correct format of fonts in the websites or brochures. Projection of fonts in a different and creative way will help to attract the attention of the viewers. Imagine what would happen if the viewers are not able to understand the writings on your website wall or on the brochure? A clear and attractive font style plays a vital role in your design and not many designers are giving the due attention required.

The following free fonts for graphic designers are absolutely free for their personal uses. You can very well try out these fonts and check for the quality of output.

Soraya Font Style :

Soraya-fontThese kinds of free fonts for graphic designers can be very well seen on the display or on the glass doors of fashion stores. It will have all possible combinations of length and breadth of font styles. A particular section of the letter can be made broader and other part can be made as a light or thin one. This is not suited for a brochure kind of printing style.

St Ryde Font Style :

St-Ryde-fontThis is a perfect kind of font style for the designers to use in brochures. A full brochure to be displayed in your website can have a font style like this. It looks very professional because of the elegant use of different color shades.

Slukoni Font Style :

Slukoni-fontThis is one of the best free fonts for graphic designers if they are looking for designs to be printed on fabrics and apparels. You can see these kinds of styles printed on a jeans material. The design can be customized and personalized according to the requirement.

Zag Font Style :

Zag-fontYou can see these kinds of fonts on several books. Publishers use this kind of style and if your requirement is to build a similar website or brochure design to promote a publisher’s business, this font style can be very useful.

Adec Font Style :

adec-fontThis is a typical font style that can be used in the websites. With a black background, the font style looks to be traditional. My suggestion is to use this font style in website designs that are concentrating on old age people or trying to give a social message to the common people.

Advent Font Style :

Advent-fontTelevision ads will display font style like this. Fashion and beauty related products can have fonts and it will be suitable. It also has a tinch of pink color in it. Websites that are dealing with women’s products can try this style very much.

Alice Font Style :

alice-fontThis is one of the most suitable free fonts for graphic designers to have in displaying titles on pages. Short description titles can have this title and it looks quite impressive. Page captions are often displayed in this style in most of the websites.

AW Conqueror Font Style :

AW-Conqueror-fontIt is a simple black and white font style. It looks great when used. It is so classy and you should not miss this font. Often the front pages of books will have a similar font style.  Try this style if your requirement is of similar kind.

Solgas Font Style :

solgas-fontA perfect green colored font style to grab the attention of the viewers. It is one of the widely used free fonts for graphic designers when they design logos and banners. Different kinds of writings can be inscribed in the logos.

Base Font Style :

base-fontThis is a kind of font style that is mostly used in writing a product’s name uniquely. It looks bit stylish and the design can be customized to a greater extent. Naming the product using this style is a better way to use it.

Black Casper Font Style :

black-fontThe style is simply superb!! If you want to be very creative in giving the information, it is one of the best free fonts for graphic designers. However, the captions and titles alone can be presented using this style.

Blackout Font Style :

Blackout-fontIt is a simple but attention capturing font style. Some of the commonly provided information can be displayed using this font. This style can be used when there is not much information or content to be displayed on the screen.

Chunk Font Style :

chunk-fontIt is an elegant free font for the graphic designers. News websites and other sites that are giving sensational news to the readers can use this style very much. The row and column headings can be given perfectly. It has a suitable style to fit in the news content also. Different colors can be used very well.

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