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How The Right Logo Helps You Create The Perfect Brand Identity

Logos serve as the face of your company. These small graphic designs are designed to represent the essence of your brand.

Which is they need to be special, unique, and easy to remember. This will allow your customers to identify your brand. A well-made logo can also attract customers to your store and promote your brand.

Consequently, you’ll need to take great care when designing your logo. There are some standards that your logo must meet, to ensure that it works effectively. Read on to understand the facets of a good logo.

The Brand Personality

Developing a persona for your brand is the first step to designing a powerful logo for your business. Ensure that your logo suits your brand.

What design do you think you’ll need so that people give your store a second look? Imagine what your brand would look like if it were a person. What feeling does this person evoke when you look at them? Keep all of these details in mind when designing your logo.

Make sure that your logo creates the same feeling you got from your personified brand. This will allow your customers to understand what your brand represents just from your logo, making it memorable.

The Color Perspective

Each color kindles a feeling when you look at it. Pick the right color to convey the right message. Whether it is passion with red, cool and calm with blue, strength with black, or nature and energy with green, keep in mind the emotion each color represents.

This will add a meaningful essence to your logo, and your brand as well.

Understanding Your Brand

Your logo must have the power to convey everything you want to tell your customers. Take the logo of Apple for example; it is an apple missing a bite, or a “byte”. Your logo introduces your brand to your customer; it should say it all.

Think of the following questions.

  • What mood does your brand represent?
  • Is your brand entirely utility-driven or is it driven by emotions?
  • Is your brand quirky or contemporary?
  • What does your customer need and care about?

Make It Last

Changing your logo every now and then isn’t the best idea. Not only will this affect your brand but also confuse your customers. Ensure that you design a logo that is timeless and trendy no matter what era it is.

A good idea is to never get carried away by current design trends when making your logo. Trends change every now and then, and you shouldn’t rely on these to set your logo.

Where To Design A Logo

You can either hire a professional to design your logo for you, or you could do it yourself on a logo designer website. Here is a list of some of the best online logo makers that are free to use.

Some website builders also feature an in-built logo designer, like Shopify. With services like this, you can design your website, find a suitable domain name, and also create a logo for your brand. The selling point here is that you can access everything in one place.

What After You Get The Logo?

After you get your brand logo, you can head out and even create a brand voice for your company. A brand voice is like a small slogan that you attach to your brand, that helps better define it. But there are some things to keep in mind when deciding on a brand voice too. Here, we’ve listed some points to remember when you decide on a brand voice.

Use your logo and brand voice consistently, and your customers will start to recognize you even if they don’t read your business name. This helps in growing your business further, and increasing its popularity in the industry.

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