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iOS vs Android: Difference And Comparison

When you think of buying a new phone, the chances are that your mind falls on either an Android phone or an Apple phone. We get it that many of you are hardcore fans of either Android or iOS and no matter what. But then again, a large portion of the population has an open mind about their new phone.

iOS vs Android difference and Comparison

They just want the best that is going to cater to their needs. Some are more inclined towards to the ecosystems and simplicity that Apple provides while other want the raw power and customizability that Android offers.With this article, we provide you the unbiased review of both Android and iOS, their strong points and downfalls. This is your ultimate guide to choosing the best phone that suits your needs.


If you are looking for a budget device that gives you all the necessary features, then Android wins the fight here. If want to buy a flagship device from the respective operating systems, Apple will cost you a $1,000, and you can get an Android flagship like Samsung Galaxy S8 for about $750. Now that is a huge difference, considering that Samsung doesn’t miss out any crucial hardware when compared with iPhone X.


This is something that you need to give high importance. After all, apps are the determining factor when it comes to the success of an operating system. Having high-quality apps in the app store attracts users to pick the OS. It also attracts developers to create apps for that ecosystem.

Apple takes this one home as new apps are generally released for Apple first and later comes to Android. Also, the browsing experience through the iTunes makes it a clear win for Apple as iTunes is neatly organized and maintained. Did you know that you can download mobile apps for PC? Click the link to find out more!


What if you want a custom experience with your phone? What if you want a platform that does not look alike on every single device? Well, Android has got you covered there! Nearly every element of Android OS can be tweaked either by integrated options, third-party apps or mods. The widgets, the app list, the icons and the lot – yes, you just name it! This is where iPhone flunks big time because nearly all updated iPhones look alike in term of style with the exception of wallpaper.

Support and Service

iOS vs Android Difference and Comparison2


If you are looking for the best service experience, then Apple is the one to choose. If you have got an Android device, the chances are that it is made by a hardware manufacturer (Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi, Motorola) with the OS flashed on to the system.

So, if your phone somehow needs a repair, you need to find out the specific service centre tied to the manufacturer. With Appleproducts, you can take your iPhone, iPad or Mac to the nearest Apple store, and they are happy to take care of the rest.


With Apple, you are getting consistent updates across the whole range of devices.Sadly, the same cannot be said for Android as the updates may be withheld by your phone’s manufacturer.Also, many manufacturers make their own version of Android, modifying the core Android source.This means that even if an update rolls out, the manufacturer may take time to implement the changes and send the final update.

Smart Assistant

Now we have all heard tons of praises about Apple’s digital assistant Siri. However, Google has brought something or “someone” spectacular to the competition called ‘Google Now’. This AI assisted digital assistant is now being rolled out to Android phones, running on Marshmallow and above.

Google Now can answer your queries, manage your schedule along with calendar sync, manage your flights and purchases, and can even control your smart home devices. A clear victory for Google Now in terms of productivity and usability, isn’t it?


iOS vs Android Difference and Comparison3


If you require a phone that lasts you all day with aserious amount of use without carrying power banks or wall adapters, then iOS fails as an option. Even though the new phones come with AMOLED display, iPhone can’t hold up to the serious contenders from Android when it comes to battery. There are Android devices out there that carry more than twice the battery capacity of the iPhone X, and that too with options like quick charge.

These are the most basic features one looks in a new smartphone before making the call apart from just the aesthetics. It’s now up to you to decide on an option that suits you based on your needs, and all you need for reference is in this article. All the very bestin finding the perfect phone for you!

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