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No need to start a quarrel; simply spy cell phone of your kid with a spy app

My children would probably be the most troublesome kids on earth when they were little. Probably this is what I thought before I saw them enter their teenage. Teenage is by far the most tiring time for parents because your kid keeps you on your toes at all times. You need to make sure that your child is walking on the right path of life and talking to your teenaged child regarding this means that you are about to start a quarrel. To avoid parents from getting into any conflict with their child, parents simply need to spy cell phone of their kids with a spy app StealthGenie.

A classic spy app:

A classic spy app for the cell phone of your child helps parents monitor the cell phone usage of their kids with utmost ease. This app takes even less than five minutes of your time and gets downloaded in the cell phone of your child. No feature of your kid’s cell phone is disturbed during or after its installation. StealthGenie does not get detected and works secretly in the back of your kid’s cell phone without giving anyone even a hint of its presence there.

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StealthGenie is fully compatible with Android phones from Google, LG, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Acer, Sony, Dell, Huawei and other phones having an operating system of 2.1 or higher. iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S as well as BlackBerry models with OS 4.6 or above are perfect handsets to be used alongside StealthGenie.

Call records:

StealthGenie helps parents spy cell phone of their kids by providing them with their complete call records. All the incoming, missed and outgoing call records of children are provided to parents along with the time and duration of each and every call. Parents can even record any call if they want to.

GPS tracking:

A feature of StealthGenie known as ‘Geo Tracking’ helps parents trace the precise GPS location of their kids whenever they wish to know about it. This feature works with the support of the GPS navigator inside the smartphone of your kid.

Easy life:

StealthGenie is a great support for all the parents. Better upbringing of your children is not the easiest thing to achieve in this world nowadays. StealthGenie helps spy cell phone of your kids and helps in easing up all the difficult things in your life.

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