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Top 15 productivity tools for bloggers

If you are blogging daily or weekly, it depends on how you serve your content to your readers. To engage with your readers you must follow well prepared management systems, use best email services, be with better blogging platforms, use social media utilities, advertisement campaign and other blogging tools. To build large audience and fan base its required for blogger to be in touch with their readers. To connect with readers there are hundreds of productivity tools for bloggers that you can use smartly.

Top 15 Productivity tools for bloggers

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Prior to today, bloggers who are using productivity tools can manage and fulfill their blogging needs. This is why because to accomplish task of writing blogs, reviewing apps, making video intros blogger must have some plan, time management or must have efficiency in writing. Productivity tools for bloggers helps to manage your blogs in either direct or indirect ways.

List of 15 Productivity Tools For Bloggers :

Here, we have managed to prepare best list of productivity tools for bloggers. This productivity tools are either online or software, simply use it to engage with readers and boost up your blogging career.

1) BlogDesk :

This one is best tool to manage more then one blog at the time. BlogDesk is free software having compatibility with WordPress, MovableType, Drupal, Expression Engine and Serendipity platforms. All you need to Integrate your blog with BlogDesk software. In fact, this software might bring faster blogging experience in your blogging journey.

2) 42Goals : productivity tool for bloggersBeing the professional blogger you must have some defined goals whether its daily goals, weekly or monthly goals. 42Goals is one website which allows you to do the same. The core features of 42Goals are ability to track daily goals with visualized achievements. This tool is free to use. With its smartphone application you can access it wherever you go.

3) Memonic :

Memonic Productivity tool for bloggers

Memonic is online collaborative notebook, which helps you to keep track of your notes. Writing a blog post require to do some research and require a little note down of important topics too. In case of that Memonic is useful tool. It’s an online tool and to use it there is no installation required.

4) BoomeRang For Gmail :

Boomerang For Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail enables you to send schedule emails to your contact. With Firefox and Chrome add-ons it’s an easy task to maintain your schedule emails with boomerang for Gmail. as i am using this tool, i personally suggests you to try it out.

5) Typing Test :

Typing Test Tool For Bloggers

Typing test is online typing tool enables you to increase your typing speed. Whether you are beginner or professional in typing, give a simple test and get your typing speed results. This productivity tool help those bloggers who are slow in typing with lots of errors and mistakes. Try it and improve your typing speed to become professional blogger.

6) Last Pass :

Usually bloggers have multiple account on various websites with different usernames, email addresses and passwords. To remember one or two emails and passwords is quite easy. but what about to remember more than hundreds of usernames and passwords ? LastPass is the solution for you. You can easily organize your multiple data such as passwords, secret codes into this free and secure password remember software. However LastPass is available in both free and premium versions. So, you can try its free version before purchasing the premium one.

7) Oh Life :

By signing up at Oh Life, you can write about your daily updates. To use this service you need to signup using your email address. Then after Oh Life will sends you daily emails asking “How’d your day go? All you need to reply it and it will be stored into your Oh Life account.

8) Coolendar :

Coolendar Time management Tool

Coolendar is not only simple calendar, but also new type of planning software to organized your daily tasks in easy way. It allow you to sign in using Google account too.

9) Yugma :

Yugma provides efficient free web conferencing, online meeting and collaboration services. You make conferences with your friends and business partners using this free tool.

10) RescueTime :

RescueTime Productivity Tool

RescueTime is popular time management & productivity tracking software which helps you to measure your time in easy way. Bloggers who are serious about time management must try out this software.

11) Asana :

Asana Task Management Tool

It’s one type of task management tool and represents as best productivity tool for bloggers. Asana is One of the best productivity tool for task management for teams. It’s widely used by thousands of bloggers.

12) Evernote Clearly :

Again this is special productivity tool for bloggers who research before writing. Evernote Clearly enables you to read blog posts, articles and your important notes. It lets you to clip it and save for later use.

13) Vyew :

View is real time visual collaboration tool to enhance your blogging experience in team. Vyew is an awesome free tool for video conferencing, screen sharing and file sharing etc. It’s almost useful for team of bloggers.

14) : Online Conferencing Tool

Are you planning a meeting for your groups or on behalf of your business ? Then you might try tool. It’s an online face to face meeting collaboration tool.

15) EggTimer :

Eggtimer Time Management Tool

It’s an online browser based timer to set an instant reminder. It’s handy tool to set an alarm for any event or functions. Working on your project if you forget an event, the alarm will ring up when time pass away. Extraordinary feature is that as soon as alarm time ends it will switch your browser in alarm window automatically.

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