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Smart Home Innovations To Keep You Safe

Having a safe home should be everyone’s first priority – whether you’re protecting it through great home or renters insurance, installing motion-detection lighting and alarm systems, or even a smoke detector system that messages you when it’s activated – there are plenty of smart home innovations to help keep you, and your family, safe.

Technology can be a great deterrent for burglars and excellent way to keep your sense of security. It’s always best to do your research and learn about the best doors, home appliances, and security systems that will fit your needs.  Here are a few of our favorites!

  1. Web Security Cameras
  2. There are a variety of these cameras available in the market – some that record entry into the house, others that have facial recognition, and others that will even text you if a door or window is opened while no one is home. Generally, these can be installed all over your house, but there are also great options that can be installed at the entry way so you can see who is coming before they even knock on the door! Most of these appliances can now sync to an app on your smartphone so you can stay in touch with the safety of your house, even while you’re away!
  3. Motion-Activated Lighting
  4. Before breaking into a home, it’s a common practice that burglars will try and ring the doorbell or knock on the door to ensure no one is home. In this case, they won’t even make it to the door! Often times, having a light switch on is enough of a deterrent and these lights do it automatically at any sign of motion. Whether you’re home and notice a light turn on, or you’re not, and it deters them, these are great gadgets to have around your home.
  5. Smart Deadbolts
  6. Technology is growing so quickly! There are now “smart deadbolts” that have the option for a passcode, a key, or being unlocked from your phone. Although this seems counterintuitive, the lock itself is connected to an interior alarm system and if anything goes wrong – the alarms will sound!
  7. High-Quality Alarm Systems
  8. There are alarm systems developed that allow a remote voice to come over speakers into your home in case of a burglary. For example, an intruder can kick in a door, and the alarm company receives a notification and can announce to the burglar that they see them and have alerted local authorities.

Technology can’t always stop all burglars – but it’s best to have your home as protected as possible to deter as many potential threats as possible! Smart, technological, innovations are designed to decrease the risk of your house and increase your peace of mind!

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