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Steps to save battery life in Android

Using an android smartphone?? And worried with the battery backup?? Here are some steps to save the battery life in android phones.

Firstly Android is an open source mobile operating system developed by Google and it can be customized by anyone from anywhere in the world. Being the best OS in mobiles it has a problem with only one thing that it “battery backup”, not only android other mobile operating systems like iOS and Symbian has the same problem. So if you are an android user then please remind the following steps carefully to save your battery life.

Delete Apps that contains “Ads”

Firstly delete the apps which is filled with ads, because the app will be running at the background to show ads and this completely drains up your battery. So it’s better to remove apps that irritate’s you appearing ads.

Turn off Wifi and Data Connections

I know that it is very hard to do this thing!! But if you want to save your battery and want to continue using your phone for some more time then you need to apply this step. So now it’s up to you to do this or not.

Let the Auto-Sync be OFF

When you are on data connection or using wifi then let the auto-sync be off, because when you do this it prevents applications like facebook and gmail not to run in the background and saves a lot amount of battery life.

To do this Go to Settings> Accounts and sync> now tap on Auto-Sync so it gets turned off.

Brightness and Orientation

Its better you turn off auto-rotation because every time you use your mobile in portrait mode only so turning on when needed is the best and brilliant thing to save your battery life. When coming to brightness set the brightness in such a way so that it reduces when the battery comes to 30-40%.


Turn on GPS when needed and its must to turn it off when you are away of it. This will benefit your battery life a lot when compared to other steps.

Install “Cutomized Roms”

There are some custom roms at XDA developers for each and every android device where the devs have specially designed the roms to save the battery life. Install these roms and save your battery life without following any of the above steps.

Use Stand By Mode and Screen timeout functions

Let the phone always be on standby mode and use the phone when needed. Set the screen time out functions to as short as possible so that it dims up the screen and goes into standby mode. This is the main and important step to follow to save your battery life in android.

Set it to Airplane mode while travelling

The tower connected to your service provider gets changing frequently to stay connected when you are travelling in buses or trains, this drain’s up your battery a lot. So it better to switch on to airplane plane mode when you are on a long journey or in a flight to save your battery in your smartphone.

If you follow these instructions carefully then I am damn sure that your android phone will give a 2 hour extra backup. So try to apply these steps and always keep an extra battery so it will be useful in case of emergency. If you have any other methods to save battery life, then please do let us and the world know about this.

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