The Spam House – Facebook Has 76 Million Fake Profiles


February 3, 2013Social Media3 Comments

The world is getting populated over the social media. Almost every human in a developed country has his profiles over various social networks. Moreover than having his own profile over the social networking sites, these humans have been creating fake profiles too! ;-) And this fact of creating fake profiles, has made the social media giant Facebook fatter, with around 76 million fake profiles! 8-O

On 1st February 2013, Facebook filed its Annual Report on United States Security And Exchange Commission, where it mentioned about the false accounts. These fake accounts are violating the terms of service of Facebook. In the repost it revealed that, it has around 1.06 billion users, out of which 76 million are fake! 8-O In Form 10 K, which was filed by FB at SEC, Facebook said that, it distinguishes the fake accounts into 2 categories: user misclassified accounts and undesirable accounts.
Facebook Fake Profiles

User Misclassified Accounts :- These accounts are created by the users which are created for the non-human entities. The profiles under user misclassified category are usually created by the humans for the business or their pets. Creating a profile for the misclassified accounts are not permitted under the service terms; but you can rather create a page than a profile for these misclassified accounts, which is permitted by Facebook. Thus if you have a profile for your business or your pet, then it may cause some problem in future, but if you are having a page for your business, then you are safe! :-)

Undesirable Accounts :- Now these are actually undesirable! :-D These are the multiple accounts create to fallacious reasons like Facebook  Profilesspamming. Apparently, this is a major chunk of fake profiles, which has made Facebook the biggest social networking site with over 1 billion users!

In the report filed by Facebook at SEC, it said that “We are continually seeking to improve our ability to identify duplicate or false accounts and estimate the total number of such accounts, and such estimates may change due to improvements or changes in our methodology” But will Facebook take adequate measures to remove the fake accounts?

Why People Create Undesirable Accounts?

It is been seen that Facebook is monetizing anything and everything. Facebook has recently come up with options like gifting services and paid message services. Apart from these personal purpose services; Facebook has also provides various marketing services like Post Promotion, Facebook Ads etc… Thus instead of paying money to Facebook for marketing, what people do is, they create numerous profiles and share their data on it. So here comes the loss!

Why Will Facebook Limit Fake Accounts?

If a particular marketer has got only 1 profile, then his data can reached only to limited users. And now if Facebook forbids fake profiles, then for marketing purpose, the marketer have to undoubtedly use the paid marketing services which are provided by Facebook. Thus to increase the revenue of the company, Zuckerberg would surely try to minimize the number of fake accounts, so that the income of the company would shoot-up! 8-) Also as a social cause, minimum the fake profiles better will be the user satisfaction! :-) Thus Zuckerberg might be considering both these reasons to minimize the fake accounts on his network!

My View

Social networks have become the dwelling for the fake profiles. A social network cannot be a market leader without the fake accounts. And these facts are evenly applicable to the giant Facebook.

Social networks are growing larger and fatter. May be few years later, social media would turn into countries and you might read headlines like; 3rd World War between Google Plus and Facebook! ;-)

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  1. Lalit

    Really a good piece of information. Now Facebook should take some necessary actions to these fake accounts as well as the people who are making these fake accounts.

    • Zainil

      Thanks Lalit for your kind words! :-) And I really wish that FB could take actions against the spammers, but apparently that wont be possible! ;-)

  2. Sohil Memon

    Hello Zainil,
    For our profile we have great information but for the outside world its bad effect! Day-by-day Facebook is becoming worse, it just increases privacy but we have to do with it. Just we have to careful now-a-days.
    Thanks for sharing this great information.

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