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Top 10 Cloud Storage Apps for Android In 2017

Nowadays an android powered devices are everywhere in the world. Either in Smartphones or tablets the fact is that thousands of Android devices are being activated daily. But many Android devices provide less storage space for personal data, documents etc. And to store more data you should either use portable storage space or try out free online cloud storage space. Using Cloud storage apps for android you can store more data using your Android device. Usually this type of cloud storage apps synchronizes your Android powered device with a cloud storage provider using simple back-end API too, to store pictures, documents, music and video files in the cloud. The major advantage of using cloud storage is that you can access your file from anywhere in the world using the Internet. After the fact, In the new year of 2013, It seems like many cloud storage providers might secure lots of android platform users.

List of 10 cloud storage apps for Android :

What you think, which sector would become popular in technology world of 2013 ? Especially the answer is Android and Tablets. Well, here we have observed one of the best cloud storage apps for android that you might try, As of now this all are offering better services to its android users, and hope they will continue offering since the end of this year.

1) Google Drive :

Google Drive

Most popular cloud storage apps in 2013 will be Google drive because of its services and availability. With the use of Google drive you can create and collaborate documents, files and presentations on the cloud. The same environment its offer for Android through its Google drive android app. In order to store your documents using android app on Google drive cloud storage, simply download android application of Google drive and configure it with your Android device and after that you are ready to experience cloud storage of Google.

2) Amazon Cloud Drive :

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon is most popular company as a shopping site. In fact, Amazon already launched Cloud drive photo storage app for Android in November 2012. This photo storage app seems faster and efficient in synchronizing photos over the cloud storage servers. However, this cloud storage for the photo app got a nicer design from Amazon.

3) Dropbox :

Dropbox Cloud Storage

As everyone know that In 2012, Dropbox was widely used cloud storage service. According to me it would be third widely used cloud storage app for android. Primarily Dropbox allows you to store your files in the cloud with public & private access. You can store any files such as documents, music files, videos and compressed zip files too.

4) iCloud :

Apple iCloud Android Apps

iCloud lets you to store and access your documents, music and video files, contacts, photos and more over the cloud storage. Being the iCloud user you are able to access your iCloud Storage data anywhere using iOS supported devices such as iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac etc. Though, it’s not available for Android users yet, but in the year of 2013 it could be released anytime.

5) SkyDrive :

SkyDrive Cloud Storage Apps for android by Windows live

With The windows Live SkyDrive free storage app, you can get real experience of cloud storage on your Android device. This app allows you to share photos and documents online and  lets you access anywhere using your PC or Smartphone.

6) Box :

Box Cloud Storage

Primarily Box users can have 5 GB of free storage to store and share their files, documents and anything across the internet. Box is the biggest cloud storage provider as a competitor of Dropbox. As this service is cross platform, you can use box on PC, iPhone or Mac too.

7) OpenDrive :

Open Drive Cloud Storage

OpenDrive provides 5 GB storage space over its cloud network. OpenDrive is free to use service to store your data files, music files, videos, documents on the go using your Android device. Whenever you store anything it automatically get synchronized to OpenDrive storage space to secure your data at safe passage. However you can access it using OpenDrive website too. Well, we can say that its most of the features are identical to DropBox, SkyDrive etc.

8) MegaCloud :

MegaCloud - Cloud Storage App for Android

This android cloud storage app offers you huge 8 GB free storage, and allow you to store music, photos, documents etc. Even because of more space, you can store larger files here. This android app lets you share your files across family, friends and your accepted devices.

9) ASUS WebStorage :

ASUS Web Storage Android App

According to Asus, More than 10 million users have an account in ASUS Web Storage space. Thus, We can say that ASUS WebStorage is growing as secure and efficient cloud storage provider. By Registering an account on ASUS WebStorage, users get 5GB of free cloud storage space. It’s widely supported on Windows PC (including Windows XP, Win 7 , Win 8 , Vista ) and supported for Android OS 2.1 devices or above.

10) Ubuntu One Files :

Ubuntu One Cloud Storage App

Ubuntu one personal cloud lets you store your photos and files in the cloud and allows you to share with your friends or groups that you choose. It gives 5 GB of free storage space to its users. On the other hand, Ubuntu one is integrated with Instagram too. As a result of it, users can instantly upload photos to Ubuntu one storage which are taken by Instagram app.


In this new year of 2013, there are many cloud storage services are growing like pro ones. One of them is ASUS WebStorage, Ubuntu One, SkyDrive, Box etc. However, I would like to suggest you to choose any cloud storage provider from the above list. Almost all providers have their cloud storage apps for android and are secure too.

*All images are courtesy of the respective companies and originally taken from Google play store.

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