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Upcoming Androids That Will Surely Make the Difference in 2017

Android Smartphone’s are the show stealers in the present era. These are tremendously popular among all the age groups irrespective of caste, creed or sex. According to the latest reports, by 2013 the Smartphone sales are expected 30% more than the sales in 2012. The android smartphones not only replace computers to a great extent but also cater to the needs of the increasing population efficiently. However, with the advent of the New Year, various companies are launching their android smartphones to claim their share in the competition oriented technology market.

Some of the upcoming android smartphones are as follows:

Sony Experia E Dual

Upcoming Androids That Will Surely Make the Difference

There is a big speculation regarding the release of this phone. It is a highly affordable android 4.1 enabled Smartphone with a 3.5 inch capacitive display. Powered by 1 GHz processor along with a 512MB RAM, this Smartphone has a 3.15MP camera and a 4GB internal memory. Along with this a 1530mAh battery with a 6 hour talk time adds to its grandeur. This Smartphone is however a dual SIM phone and a successor of Sony Experia E. It also has various other features such as geo tagging, 2G and 3G network support on both the Sims, an expandable memory slot.

HTC Deluxe

This phone is considered to be the successor of the HTC droid with a 5inch super LCD3 capacitive screen and 4.1 jelly bean OS as well as a 1.5GHz processor. Along with this, this phone has an 8MP primary camera and a 2.1 MP secondary camera with a 2020mAh battery. The demeanor of the phone is the 2G and the 3G quad bands with LTE networks available throughout numerous places. Not only this, the phone provides multiple options for sharing data such as 4.0 connectivity Bluetooth , micro USB 2.0 capability as well as NFC compatibility.

Samsung Galaxy Premier I9260

This is another Smartphone introduced by Samsung whose launch is highly awaited. This phone is equipped with 4.65 inches touch screen and 4.1 jelly bean Operating System along with the 1.5GHz dual core processor. Besides this, this Smartphone is equipped with 8MP primary camera and a 2MP secondary camera and a micro SD slot with a 32GB expandable memory. The 2100MAH battery capable of providing a 12hour talk time with 3G enabled adds to its sheen. However the 4.0 Bluetooth, 2.0 USB and NFC cater to the connectivity requirements of the use3r.

LG Optimus G

It is yet another awaited Smartphone with a 4.7 inch LCD capacitive touch screen powered by Android 4.0 and a 1.5GHz duo core processor. Along with a 2GB RAM this phone has a 13MP primary camera and a 1.3MP secondary camera ensuring a full HD video recording. The 2100mAh battery provides a 10 hour talk time along with a 32GB internal memory. This Smartphone supports 2G, 3G and $g quad bands as well as LTE networks. The internet browsing via Wifi, 4G, 3G, EDGE and GPRS is a great feature. The music listening is a delightful experience on the phone as it supports almost all the audio formats such as WMA,WAV,PM3 etc. Geo tagging and auto focus being additional camera features this phone is anticipated a super buy.

Not only these, there are various other smartphones lined up for their release in the coming time and claim their share in the cut throat technological competition. Gadget lovers are really going to enjoy these gadgets coming up in the market very soon. If you are too a gadget lover and are planning to get a new smartphone for your own self then make sure you research well and choose the best from so many available options so as to get the best one in your hands.

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