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Want a Laptop-But Confused??

Remember that time when people however used to buy a TV like desktop and put them into their office or home for their work only. After sometime these big desktops become a bit compact and they come as LED or LCD display with sleek CPU. When we travelled some more time ahead we find, there are the more compact thing in the market, called as laptops which has been easily replaced the desktop PC due to their free to move anywhere option. A laptop is really a boon for students, executives and even home users who want something compact with which they can move anywhere.

Tips for Buying Laptops

Now the days, most people prefer to buy a laptop rather than a PC, and it is beneficial for them too, because laptops offers far better option than a PC such as webcam, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and lot more. Yes you not need to buy an external webcam with your laptop for video chat because laptop has an inbuilt front facing camera, also it offers you the inbuilt connectivity option to browse internet and to transfer media files from any other device.

Today you can buy a decently powerful laptop for under Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000. You get a Dual Core processor, 320 GB Hard-Disk, at least 2 GB of RAM, DVD Writer and a 14-inch display. This is an ideal configuration for students, home and office purposes. As you increase your pocket size, you enter in upper segment where you get some more features which added to your band-wagon. Lets again take a look of features, now you get a powerful advanced generation processor, 500 GB Hard-Disk, 4 GB of RAM, larger display of 15.6”, graphic card option USB 3.0 port and so on.

Just pass from the lane before buying, you will find there are a lot of companies in the market which are offering you multiple combinations of hardware at various price points. As your pocket size, there are some segments in the market according to your requirements such as mainstream, entertainment, high-end and gaming segments. So when you buying a laptop you need to choose the ideal combination of hardware that fulfils your need in your budget. To buying a laptop from this competitive market where a dozens of manufacturing companies are offering you their best models is can be a bit confusing. If you’re planning to buy a laptop for you or for your friend, here are some tips that will help you make the correct buying decision.

Tips for Buying Laptops

Latest Hardware

As per the advancement in the technology, do not take the chance to buy an older generation models available in the market at a very cheap price. Just keep this point in your mind that you should have the latest generation hardware. Dual core processors are enough for your basic needs, but as per the scenario you should go with at least an i3 processor. Also you can buy i5 and i7 processors according to your working requirements, but as you will go to upper segments your pocket size will also increase simultaneously.

Screen Size vs. Portability

A smaller display of 14- inch offers decent size screen with feature of light weight and easy to carry. So go with this screen size if you used to do field works and want a portable laptop, easy to move anywhere. But if you want better viewing comfort and a larger key-board then you can go with the 15.6- inch display model.

Discrete Graphics

If you are crazy for the high definition games, and when it comes to accelerate video playback than GPUs are more efficient than the processors. Entry level GPUs such as Nvidia GeForce GT 520M and AMD Radeon HD 6470M are good for media playback. So choose your laptop with a good graphic card.

Design and Durability

If you are having good budget to buy your laptop then you may also want to give the priority to the design and durability. If you want a light weight laptop which you can carry anywhere with you then make sure the battery life is not compromised. If you want extreme durability feature then you can choose from the Dell Latitude series or Panasonic Tough Book.

Net books

There are full range of tablets, net books and laptops available in the market. As the tablets becoming popular and affordable, net books are less popular. However, these small devices are great value for money. They weigh a little more than a kilogram, and can easily fit in your hand bag. Buying a net book is enough if browsing internet and basic applications is your priority. And it will fit in your pocket easily as they come at a very low price starts from Rs 14,000.

Take a Try

Before buying any machine, first you need to search out the whole market. Start with the internet, it will give the brief idea about the market and then move towards the stores. You are free to enquire about anything, so try to get the answer of your all queries. The laptop’s design and configurations look attractive in the advertisement but actual look, design and configuration cannot be figure out without taking the look of machine.

Make a good Deal

Scan the market and find out which dealer is giving you the best price and additional offers with your chosen laptop. In this way you will see the dealer’s and market’s reality. Settle for the one selling for the best price.

Extra Bonus Features

USB 3.0, eSATA and FireWire are the different-different ports offered with various models of laptops. Consider these features as bonuses. Some dealers also offer free laptop bags, speakers, headphones and laptop mice.

So these are the best 8 points which ensures you the good buying of laptop. Do not get afraid, if you have to buy a laptop or have to suggest a laptop to your friend. Keep these 8 points in your mind and just get enter in the store. I believe that these points will surely help you to make a good deal.

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