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Windows 8 Features- The Bold New Development In The World Of Operating Software

The brand new Windows 8 is a revamp for people inclined towards touch screen using, on tablets, Smartphone and even traditional PCs. It is a fundamental shift in the series of Microsoft Windows, and a path breaking development as compared to the last versions. It is definitely simple, sleek, trendy, and customizable and feels fresh to use. However, we are at a stage where new technologies bloom day after day, years after years, and since we are as new them as they are new to us, it also exciting to learn a complete new way of operating our daily tasks. Also, it is not that difficult and new that you might have to worry!

Windows 8 has received mostly positive reviews in spite of the tight competition with the Apple Mac market always on rise. Windows 8 is a step towards the “next revolution” in the world of technology of computer operating systems, which may well be the aim of Microsoft. Also, on the lines of Apple and Android, now Microsoft has opened doors for developers who can offer to sell or freely provide apps. If the developers sell their apps, Microsoft will take a cut of 30% and if the app makes more than $25,000 then Microsoft will reduce the cut to 20%. Now click and install apps and customize the new Window as per your comfort and usability.

Going ahead to explore the new Window, there are some great features that Microsoft’s Windows 8 is loaded with, and the wait is to see what is coming next in the full Windows 8 version. The unique user interface (UI) it will have is known as the Metro.

Here are few amazing and new features that Windows8 has incorporated for better working and increasing the user-friendly quotient in this new invention-

– The Boot is Faster!

As compared to the predecessors and especially Windows 7 (desktop CPU), the boot up speed has increased significantly and the wait has just got shorter. This is mostly because Windows 8 features better allocation of resources to the system applications.

– New Desktop that Inspires to do More!

The dynamicity of the Windows 8 desktop has caught eyes. The interface is tiles-based, or better called Metro UI. It definitely seems to be intuitively related to touch screen gadgets, like smart phones, touch screen PCs and tablets. In fact, on these smart devices and touch screen PCs, touch tap-to- work will be simpler, easier, and very quick with the new Windows installed. The grid appearance is chic and can be customized by adding, removing and rearranging applications accordingly.

The tiles give a quick view of all that you need, and access the one that is most important because it displays real-time information through them; be it weather, time or e-mails. The Microsoft showed how the weather-tile displayed current temperature in a given city without activating the app. These features really make it cool to work on Windows, desktop or any device.

customizable desktop

Talking about the cool customizable desktop and tiles, we can say there is no actual desktop like there was earlier. It may well be just called a Home screen from where you can navigate to different apps and programs. This all is minus the folders; they are becoming age-old now, because now there are tiles organized in grids. 20-25 tiles display as per the screen resolution, swipe right on a tablet, or scroll bar on bottom for desktop, is used for navigation among the tiles. Now the lock screen is also interesting here. A picture, a password, or a pattern to draw on a picture can be used to unlock the system. Also, you may use your Microsoft Live ID to log on to the computer.

–      Search More Now!

The Windows 8 does not have a search box at the bottom if the Start menu that you might be used to, by now. At first place, there is no Start Menu only! But, no it is not difficult to navigate, just type anything, and a search box will appear from the right and give you the results. The search is so strong and precise that it displays all the matching apps and files at an instant. Utilize it as much as you can, because it enables you to search within apps also. The apps, in which you can search, appear on the right pane.

For instance, for the emails sent by a particular contact you are searching, type that name and click on the email, the app would search from within it.

As for now, the programs are installed when the user downloads the installer from the web. The improvised programs with Modern UI design language will be available and distributed via Windows store, quite as Apple and Android stores.

–  Thumb Your Personalize Windows & Carry It Wherever You Go!

This one is what gets down to the point of convenience and mobility of personalized Windows and work that you do and keep on your pc or laptop. The Windows To Go is a feature for users to make a copy of their OS, including their settings, wallpapers, files and even apps, into a USB thumb drive. Carry it conveniently and plug it into other computer with Windows 8, and you have your settings and ambience of work booted to the PC. Looks exactly like your OS that you use, with all settings intact as they were.


This is definitely a potential feature with further high possibilities. Just as an example of Windows 8 Troubleshooting, to revive a virus-infected or crashed system, simply plug in the USB thumb-drive and recover the last settings saved in the USB, inclusive of all the files, apps, and everything else.

Gone is the worry of losing the ability to work on one’s own projects just because the system is down; simply plug in the thumbdrive to another Windows 8 PC and get on going. At the simplest, instead of carrying heavy laptop or making your tablet your work-ablet, just back up the work from the office in the thumbdrive and work wherever whenever.

– Let’s Sync – In – Live!

Just on the lines of the Windows on Go as above, Windows 8 software also provides live syncing, such that users can simply log on any computer with their Microsoft ‘Live ID’ and work on their personal settings. The desktop will be same every time the user logs on the PC with their Windows Live ID. So, that makes Windows software easier, less fussy and more comfortable to move to a new PC without worrying about the data backups, essential settings and wasting time in customizing the PC all over again.

Windows 8 versions include Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows RT and Windows Enterprise.

Competition is great in the sense that it brings out the best for the users.  Let’s see how this intrigues you and what more can it simplify and organize in days to come!

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